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padi scuba certification los angeles
scuba dive certification padi los angeles


- Private SCUBA Instruction and Certification in Los

Angeles at Classroom Prices.


- Not all SCUBA divers are looking for the same experience


- Unfortunately, most dive schools only teach SCUBA one way.


- Which leaves half the students in the larger classes disappointed in their dive training, thinking that SCUBA Diving isn't what they'd imagined.


-At AQUA INDUSTRIAL - We customize your SCUBA training to meet your specific requirements, fuel your imagination and guide you to find the experience that you're looking for.


-SCUBA Diving Certification Lessons in Los Angeles -

*** SAFE - EXCITING - The way you want it! ***


At AQUA INDUSTRIAL - We customize your SCUBA training to meet your specific requirements, fuel your imagination and guide you to find the experience that you're looking for.


Divers can face a number of challenges underwater,  which is why Aqua Industrial makes instruction and certification a snap.  Our prices are typically 20% lower than fellow dive companies.


We don't participate in SCUBA DIVING retail - so we don't have to charge you high prices to keep our lights on.  Our students are guided through the purchase process by experienced dive experts, not retail sales people.  We don't sell you equipment that brings us the highest profit margin.  We consult and advise on what is best for you and the type of diver you are, then point you to the lowest price wholesalers and retailers so you can try on your gear so it fits your style and budget - so now you can afford that extra boat trip, margarita or dinner for two.


PADI SCUBA Instruction is world renowned as the highest quality training experience available.  Aqua Industrial is a SCUBA Diving Instruction and consultation company.  Recreational diver Certification is our business - keeping you safe is our business - making you the best certified SCUBA diver you can be is our business - and business is GOOD!

scuba diving classes and training california
california scuba diver training

Huge thanks to our friend Joseph

- Many of the photographs and videos on our site were taken by Joseph.

You can follow his adventures at

catalina diving at its best

A rare and exciting RESCUE of an endangered species caught on camera by Master SCUBA diver trainer Jeremy Whaley on a 83 foot dive off Catalina Island.


The Giant Black Sea Bass, is an amazing creature and an exciting  discovery to divers exploring the southern California coastal waters.


Their numbers are returning after years on the endangered species list.


Local divers are very protective of these gentle giants and treat them with a great deal of respect.

Diving the working oil rigs of the coast near Huntington Beach California.  The bottom is about 700+ feet at the Eureka, which means that much like wall diving, you'll need to be advanced certified and proficient with buoyancy to maintain your vertical position in the water.  Contact AiSCUBAdive for trip information and certification courses!


The most common oil rigs to explore are The Eureka and "the sisters" or "twins", Elley and Ellen.


We find large plumes of strawberry anemone, scallop, sea lions and schools of pelagic fish.

catalina island divers

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